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Aqcuisition Types

Cash at a Discount

Exclusive off market opportunities. Use your preferred title company or choose from a list of our preferred options. Our inventory is discounted low guaranteeing a healthy ROI on each investment. 

Creative Finance

Perfect for the investor not looking to take on the burden of qualifing with banks and institutions but ready to take some action. Enter these projects for up to 15% of ARV. You dont want to miss these 

Novations and Partnerships

Agents and Investors this one’s for you! Let’s partner and get this seller to the finish line. Seller receives their number at closing, while you speed through a fix and flip opportunity with half the expenses.

About REI

deal Dealing

We promise to bring an exceptional level of service through our devotion  to fulfill your real estate needs and go beyond expectations throughout the process.

 Looking for Performing Assets with 2% mortgage loans??

High Quality Properties at a fraction of the Cost. Always Direct-to-Seller to guarantee smooth transactions. Contact us for availability.

Our Promise to Deliver.

Our thorough due diligence and open communication guarantee  any challenges that may arise will be handled promptly ensuring that you will have a smooth transaction for your team from start to finish.

Join us in keeping

REal estate alive

When the market doesn’t favor the sellers or buyers we have to get creative. We are sure to help you meet your needs with one of the many options our team has to offer. Our industry leading acquisition strategies allow us to secure properties at a discount and in return provide multiple exit strategies to our investors and partners.